Our dedicated tactical medicine division, integrating emergency first aid with Krav Maga teaching methodology and techniques.

Our Partner

We have partnered with Everest First Aid to deliver tactical medicine, emergency first aid training and certification. Everest First Aid is a leading training provider of certificated first aid courses.

Serving Combat Medics

Our KravMed division is headed up by serving an ex British army combat medics. With years of experience of saving lives on a battlefield and delivering tactical medicine of emergency first aid training to military personnel.

Our Innovative LETTRA Course

LIFE-SAVING EMERGENCY TRAINING for practitioners involved in a TERROR RELATED ATTACK. A bespoke and unique training package designed specifically for Krav Maga GB Practitioners that encompasses both self-defence and trauma first aid. This certificated Krav Maga First Aid Course is the first of its kind in the world!

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