Our Military, Law Enforcement and Security Division

Authentic Krav

Krav Maga GB facilitates Authentic Krav Maga Hand to Hand Combat training to UK Special Forces, British Military Units/Regiments and Allied Forces throughout the world including various Special Duty Regiments & Counter Terrorist Units within the British Army and Royal Navy.

We have developed and authored various training packages tailored to the needs of the personnel, company, regiment or unit including non-lethal solutions in accordance to International Law governing combatants.

Advance Training

We provide training solutions that can enhance and be integrated into various selection courses, pre-deployments courses or as part of Combat Physical Training. We work along side Directional Staff and Physical Training Instructors. Our services can include ‘one off’ training packages or as part of weekly/monthly/annual ongoing training.

Our training solutions cover a multitude of scenarios, from hostile crowds, car jacking, hijacking and weapon retention just to name a few!

Want us to train your team?

We provide a free two hour exhibition seminar to all Law Enforcement Agencies and Military Units. Our fees for the British Forces are subsidised and we are flexible with payment options from ‘pay as you go’ to monthly invoicing. We can also provide assistance with financial justifications and how to integrate our training into current training programs without compromising on other training modules or exceeding budget!

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