Learn what it takes to outsmart computer hackers and online thieves with practical demonstrations and advance techniques designed to elevate your awareness of online and cyber related threats.

A Real Problem

Cyber related attacks are on the rise with threats everywhere from phishing attacks to large scale cyber warfare, with your data and privacy at stake. Can you risk losing your identity or confidential files?

Practical Examples

It's not enough showing you what's what, in a real world scenario anything can happen so knowing the inner workings will give you a better edge. We don't just show you how to detect an attack, we teach you how the attacks work and how you can replicate them.

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KravCyber is a partnership between ClarLabs Ltd and Krav Maga GB to bring about the best possible solution in fighting everyday cyber related attacks and to avoid being another statistic. ClarLabs Ltd has many years in the field of Computer Science and Computer Security with the practicals and real life examples you have come to expect from Krav Maga GB, Contact Us to find out more.

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