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We provide some of the most comprehensive courses and seminars that provide the best possible results in a survival situation.


6 Practitioners, 1 remote Island in the North Sea, 5 days that will push you to the limit!

Escape and Evade, survival and bush craft training, Tactical SF Military training including Tactical Firearms, 4x4 Off road Tactical driving, Advanced Military Krav Maga training, Strength & Conditioning training and Tactical Medicine/First Aid. 

You will be trained and then we will test you and take you beyond what you ever thought was your limits!!!

This course will be led by Lee Dennis, Military Instructor to many British SF and CT Personnel with a highly trained specialist team of serving Military Instructors and oversight/input from SF Instructors.

This will be conducted at Krav Maga GB's permanent specialist training centre at our remote Island in the North Sea.



A bespoke and unique training package designed specifically for Krav Maga GB Practitioners that encompasses both self-defence and trauma first aid. 

This certificated Krav Maga First Aid Course is the first of its kind in the world!

LETTRA is delivered over 16 hours spread over 2 days. And is delivered by a serving British Army Combat Medic & Lee Dennis, Founder of Krav Maga GB. This course is an extension on to the already popular and much loved active shooter seminar. It has been designed to improve your Krav skill set with new techniques not been seen before that will develop you as a practitioner.

Domestic Violance

Free Community Event in Association with The Kent People's Trust & Kent Krav Maga. Learn to defend yourself in real situations, under stress. Participants will gain an understanding of the psychology of confrontation, situational awareness, principles and mind set of self-defence along with a variety of 'tried and tested' Authentic Krav Maga Self-defence techniques.

This is a practical workshop and is a pre booked attendance only. Please dress accordingly; t-shirt, leggings/jogging bottoms and trainers.

Active Terrorist

Our current Prime Minster has stated it’s not a matter of if, but when! In recent years and months we have seen active shooters throughout Europe and the World.

Being prepared for the unthinkable is the only way to react in such a situation! You will learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones effectively from long guns and handguns, how to neutralize an active shooter, strategies & tactics to stay alive in addition to emergency tactical medicine and several other workshops.

This is a practical seminar/workshop that also includes shooting a variety of live firearms and lunch. This course has been updated with input from Special Forces and Counter Terrorist Personnel to include new scenarios and drills, several more workshops and a completely new tactical medicine module delivered by a serving Combat Medic.

Free Active Terrorist Community Safty Event

Free Community Safety Training Event covering Situational Awareness, Principles & Strategies of a staying safe in a Terrorist Attack, Emergency Tactical Medicine/First Aid, Behavioural Detection and Self Defence Solutions.

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We run most our courses yearly and are always happy to accept requests, if your interested in any of our courses or need something specific please contact us and we can let you know when the next course is.

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