Krav Maga Alliance Licensed StrikeFit® classes has now arrived in Folkestone!

This is not a cardio class. This is not a kickboxing class. This is not a crossfit class. This is StrikeFit®. This is Krav Maga. This is about taking the holds, blocks and strikes of the Israeli Defense Force and integrating them into a 1-hour, insane-intensity, heavy bag class.

1. Functional Fitness

See vast improvements in your functional fitness and striking ability in a very short time.

2. Body Conditioning

Start building a better you and StrikeFit® will help you strengthen and condition your body.

3. Beyond Your Limits

StrikeFit® aims to help you go beyond your limits like never before!

Yes, you’ll be doing burpees. And swinging kettlebells. And using your own body weight to change your body. That’s because StrikeFit® encompasses the essence of retzev, a Hebrew word for “continuous motion.” You will learn the principles of simultaneous defense and attack on a heavy bag. You will push your body from its safe place of complacency. You will have zero regrets.

Punch and kick your way into shape!

StrikeFit® is an all-around workout that includes heavy bag and pad work combined with our unique ground mobility drills. We also include plyometrics, kettle bells, and dumbbell work. This fitness routine perfectly compliments Krav Maga or other martial arts training.

Pricing plans

Our classes are £20 a month, for 1 x 1 hour insane heavy bag class per week (a 50 week year), every Monday evening starting at 6:15pm and finishing at 7:15pm.



  • £10 a month for existing Krav Maga Practitioners
  • We limit the class size to 18
  • By direct debit, No minimum contract.

Our Focus!

We have a dedicated 'Combat Room' for these classes equipped with the latest Strength and Conditioning equipment and 7ft 40kg commercial punch bags to ensure that your get the maximum benefits and results from our StrikeFit classes.

We are the only Krav Maga Training Centre in Kent, licensed to deliver The KMA StrikeFit® training program. We have a team of Internationally certified StrikeFit Instructors to push you through your heavy bag workout!