NextGen Kids Krav Maga

Krav Maga GB is the only training centre in the UK and Folkestone licensed to deliver the Next Gen Kid's training Program!

Next Gen Kid's Krav Maga is not a sport or traditional martial art, but a practical self-defense system for youths. We teach your children how to identify dangerous situations and how to avoid them. The NGKM program teaches real life self-defense, including defense against bullies at school and potential kidnappers! Krav Maga GB does not advocate fighting! NGKM is a self-defense system, not a fighting system. we teach that Krav Maga is only to be used in the defense of themselves or others.

Age Range

This program is for ages 7 to 13 and all experience levels welcome.

Qualified Youth Instructors

Our instructors hold international qualifications specifically to teach children and youths.

Tailored for Children and Youths

At Krav Maga GB, Our kids Krav Maga program focuses on teaching your child basic self defense moves in addition to building self confidence and self discipline.

Grading Syllabus

A fully comprehensive youth grading syullabus recognised internationally.

For the first time ever in the UK, internationally licensed and certified Next Gen Kids Krav Maga classes are available in Folkestone! Our junior syllabus is internationally recognised and licensed in over 90 countries and reinforces the UK Governments initiatives and strategies for children's self defence and safety including 'stranger danger'', with a comprehensive transferable grading system.

Our focus

Krav Maga GB has been delivering Next Gen Kid's Krav Maga training to children and juniors on behalf of schools/educational authorities and youth clubs/organisations for many years and now we are proud to offer this free open evening to launch our weekly classes. Our kids class has had input from many teachers/educators and heads in addition to Kent County Council.

Your child will learn and experience self-defense moves in a safe and friendly environment. Their physical fitness will be improved. They will gain more self-confidence and self-esteem. You will have a piece of mind knowing that your child can defend and protect themselves. And so much more!
We almost forgot they also will have loads of fun!!!!!

Pricing plans

Our classes are £21 a month, for 1 x 1 hour class per week (a 50 week year), every Thursday afternoon starting at 5:30pm and finishing at 6:30pm.



  • A minimum of 2 Instructors per class.
  • We limit the class size to just 16.
  • By direct debit, No minimum contract.

Understanding Your Concerns as a Parent

But we at Krav Maga GB understand that's its not just about the quality of the training program; you as parents want to know that your child is in a safe, secure and caring environment. So lets help ease some of your concerns.

Our classes are always conducted on matted floors. Our training equipment is specifically made for children/youths . We operate the parent - student - instructor code of conduct as implemented in schools. We have additional Public Liability Insurance of our classes We even run our classes in a primary school!

Our Instructors are: Internationally licensed and certified Krav Maga Instructors. Internationally licensed and qualified for teaching krav maga to children. Hold PTTLS or PGTD (Professional teaching qualifications). Hold Level 3 First Aid Certificates including paediatric first aid. Have had current, clear enhanced DBS's by Kent County Council. Have completed a Manual Handling course for children (as required by schools). Hold current Instructors Liability Insurance. Have professional experience teaching or coaching children.